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2002 Events


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2002 Events


Vantage Quest is proud to present workshops, seminars and gatherings at Coyote Oaks.

This year we are undergoing a sever drought which has forced us to temporarily suspend events on the gathering ground.  We hope that soon, with a good rain, conditions will allow us to continue.

This summer and fall we are also building a facility that will allow us to host events without being subject to the weather.

Sat. July 27th.   7:00 PM

Drumming on the Edge of Magic

Join us for an evening of Shamanic drumming, discussions and new friends.


The Flores Farm

Please call Carlisle at 785 827-1835, or Dennis at 785-227-3211 for directions.

What to bring:

Finger food to share with the group, your drums and rattles, and a libation of your choice.


Come and grow with us!
Click here to be informed about upcoming events.



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