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Tai Chi  Ch'aun



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Tai Chi ch'aun is a centuries old Chinese system of physical exercise based on the principles of effortless breathing.   As such, it can be practiced by an individual alone in a limited space.  It requires no equipment, except a loose-fitting garment which permits continuous rhythmic bodily movements.  When performed by an expert, the rhythmic movement reaches such a state of harmony that it can be likened to a form of dancing.

Tai Chi is a system for health, relaxation, stress management, meditation, and self-cultivation.  It can be learned by anyone regardless of age, sex, or athletic ability.  It emphasizes relaxation, receptivity and inner calm rather than strength.  Tai Chi improves circulation, balance, and helps sooth and strengthen the nervous system.  The flowing stretching movements make the body limber, tone up muscles, and help release muscle tension.  This is accomplished by practicing movements slowly and evenly in circular patterns.  This presentation  focuses on the health aspects of Tai Chi, not the martial art as self-defense.  Tai Chi is an excellent program for mind/body development, stress management, and improving physical balance.

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