Creating is a natural act.
Psychotronic altered states without the Mind Machine.
Creations appears like the breath of Spirit on our window of consciousness.

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Vantage Quest

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Tools for Creativity Enhancement & Personal Growth

When I received the Vantage Quest CD in the mail I was eager to give it a try, but honestly I wasn't expecting much. I mean, there are many companies out there saying that their light and sound devices are unique, but they all end up being the same thing. Don't get me wrong, using a good light and sound device is a great experience (if you've never tried one I recommend giving it a shot), but after seeing so many they rarely surprise me.

VQ surprised me. Some mind machines (or in this case, recorded sounds) require adjusting to before you will feel the effect. Not so with Vantage Quest. I felt myself falling into a deep trance almost immediately. The trance was different, too. This was a clearer, more lucid trance than I've ever experienced. I felt myself actually being able to control my thoughts to a certain extent.
Mark Joyner - Editor, Hot Rod Your Head Magazine

  • Vantage Quest is a system for personal growth & transformation on Compact Disc.
  • It is not music, an affirmation tape, nor techniques to learn.
  • It's powerful "Harmonic Matrix" is more than alpha theta pulses, or binaural beats.
  • Vantage Quest safely launches altered states of consciousness that enhance creativity, relaxation, meditation, insight, and vibrational healing without eye strain, or expensive "mind machines".
  • Hear the difference for yourself.

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We want consciousness exploration to be available to everyone.

Frankly, most people can't afford a Light/ Sound, or psychotronic device. Vantage Quest is subtle energy technology that works, at a price you can afford. Creating, whether in the arts and sciences, personal growth and development, or the act of healing, is a dynamic oscillation between our outer and inner worlds. An oscillation between normal consciousness and expanded altered states. Like a shaman's journey, it is diving into the inner formless unknown and returning with a gift to help repair our outer world. It is receiving to give.

The following pages describe our remarkable consciousness tool, tell you how to use it, detail its development, and introduce its developers. Vantage Quest is a tool for applied reverie in service of your creative, meditative, and healing work. In addition to VQ, our "frozen music", we feature books by challenging psychological and spiritual authors who use our product themselves. Finally, be sure to explore our informative, educational on-line magazine Thoughts Beneath The Trees with articles on creativity, spirituality, nutrition, inner travel, vibrational healing, meditation, personal growth, consciousness, and Transpersonal Psychology. If you've written a similar article we invite you to contact us for inclusion here.

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