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        "...don't you sit upon the shoreline
            And say you're satisfied
              Choose to chance the rapids
                And dare to dance the tide..."

The River
by Victoria Shaw, Garth Brooks

Accessing Your Inner Creator
A workshop for transformers.

The creative process flows with a natural rhythm through our lives.  Creators, whether artists, scientists, or in business, are those who listen and respond to an inner pulse.  By recognizing the creative process in the world, and people around you, you enhance your "response-ability."

Creativity is an intrinsic process as natural as a tree growing in sunlight.  Your individual creativity is a special case of a larger creative system.

Workshop participants will:

bulletencounter  --  a new creative paradigm.
bulletdiscover  --  the process in the world around them.
bulletexperience  --  a new creative tool conscious entrainment.
bulletaccess  --  their inner creator.
bulletenhance  --  creativity through Rhythmic Imaging.
bulletshare  --  a process of infinite beginning.

One Author says:

"Participants in Carlisle Bergquist's Accessing Your Inner Creator Workshops powerfully experience their own creative nature, which experience has the potential of transforming artist and non-artist alike into a more open, unblocked, and effective actor in the drama of this world.  I highly recommend this workshop!"

Eric Maisel, Ph.D. 
Staying Sane in the Arts:  A Guide for Creative and  Performing Artists

Previous workshop participants say:

"I got a very strong message that will affect all of my life, if I listen to it.  IT WAS FANTASTIC!!"

"I feel as if I have a new perspective that will allow me more paths to my creativity."

"The Conscious Entrainment exercises helped me feel connected to others....the Rhythmic Imaging was very powerful."

Conscious Entrainment

Workshop participants observe, and attune to the cadence of the creative process as it occurs in their interpersonal relationships and interactions with their environment through a series of exercises.  These exercises connect the individual creator with the greater creative system of which they are a part.

Guided  Imagery

Workshop participants are led into the imaginal world in a guided visualization to access a symbol of their inner creator. This symbol can be recalled for guidance and inspiration.

Rhythmic Imaging

Rhythmic Imaging is a powerful method of impregnating the subconscious with the goals of any given creative task.  Created by Bergquist, this exercise uses auditory driving as found in indigenous cultures to achieve a state of reverie.  This rhythm vehicle transfers participant's symbolic images inward and thus inoculates the creative process

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