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Creativity & Contemplation Tour 
in the Carpathian Mountains

Next Tour -  2002

The change of seasons, Summer to Fall is the time of harvest.  Our attention turns inward to home, hearth, and family as we gather the fruits of our outward activity.  The creative process, like the seasonal cycle of life, is a constant oscillation between activity and repose, between outward and inward attention.  The Creativity & Contemplation tour is a special event that will follow this natural rhythm.  Our first focus will be outward as we gather inspiration from the creativity and mystic traditions of the Carpathian region. The second portion of this tour will turn inward to encourage the creative spirit in each explorer and conclude with Carlisle's Accessing Your Inner Creator Workshop.  

The first week of our tour will travel across Transylvania and over the Carpathian Range to Moldova where we will visit the Painted Monasteries and view remarkable murals.  We will also stay in the Monasteries for a first hand experience of this contemplative life. 

The second week we will return to the Western Carpathians or Apuseni range.  We will visit another Monastery where miraculous healings are said to take place. The week will conclude with contemplative time at a secluded mountain retreat.

Tour participants will learn contemplative practices from several cultures including those taught in The Way of The Pilgrim which comes from the traditions of these Monasteries.  Personal development is, after all, our most important creative task.

This tour will explore the mystical aspects of the Orthodox monasteries.  In the next few months we will offer tours to other areas of the world that explore other traditions. It is not our intention to promote any particular faith or tradition but rather to find the commonalities in their mystic and healing traditions that can enrich us all. 

For departure dates and reservation information contact:

The Undiscoveredlands

About your host.

Psychosynthesis, and psychotherapy with a transpersonal focus. Specialized in creativity, relationships, and spiritual emergence issues. Carlyle Berquist, Burkawitz
Carlisle Bergquist, MA, Ph.D.c

Carlisle Bergquist is a Transpersonal Psychotherapist, psychological researcher,  and an expert in creativity. He is the developer of Vantage Quest.

Transpersonal psychology extends the traditional theories about the psyche to include the spiritual dimensions of our being. This new paradigm incorporates both empirical and esoteric perspectives from global traditions.   Carlisle is committed to the idea that each of us has an innate power to create, and that as "creators" we scout for humanity. Thus, like shamans, through our collective consciousness, we each hold the human potential to heal, or "re-create" ourselves, and help heal society. His interests and broad educational, professional, and experiential background will bring a unique perspective to this tour you will long remember.

"I hope you'll join me on this creative adventure."


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