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Creativity, Healing, & Shamanism: The Workshop

Next workshop in fall 2003.

Make plans to come for the journey!

For 20 millennia droning drums and rattles have guided seekers to the sacred space between creation and the formless.

Becoming a shaman one treads a path of experiential learning. Creativity, Healing, and Shamanism is a 4 day workshop that will lead participants to three objectives on the shaman's trail: education, experience, and encounter.  Intentionally primitive, attendees will camp on the earth, gather around the fire, and learn beneath the open sky.  This workshop will teach and contrast the Shaman's art of entering sacred space within the framework of traditional shamanism, chaos theory and emerging views in science, and Spiritual traditions from around the world.  This workshop does not advance a specific religious perspective but rather explores the common threads woven through many creeds.  Attendees will learn by doing as they make their own drums, form a creative community, and engage the power of solitary contemplation and fasting.

As a participant in this workshop, you will follow the stages of the creative process to explore a new paradigm for an ancient art, to experience a connection to your faith, nature's spirits, and to evoke the creativity and healing of your inner shaman. 

The Kansas prairie provides an open vista where like the Shamans of antiquity, you become a connection between field and firmament, between heaven and earth.  This ascetic convergence with the natural world will remove you from distraction and foster an encounter with your deeper Self.  Click here for more details.

Come to craft your dream.
Leave to give it to the world.

Advance Reservations Required!

Read the article that inspired this workshop:
Creativity, Healing, & Shamanism

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