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Carlisle Bergquist, MA



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Psychosynthesis and Heart centered transpersonal psychology.
Specialized in creativity, spiritual emergence, & relationship issues.

Psychosynthesis, and psychotherapy with a transpersonal focus. Specialized in creativity, relationships, and spiritual emergence issues. Carlyle Berquist, BurkawitzCarlisle Bergquist, MA, LCMFT

Psychotherapist, psychological researcher, and relationship counselor, Carlisle Bergquist is skilled in Psychosynthesis, creativity, spiritual emergence and transpersonal issues. 

Transpersonal psychology extends the traditional theories about the psyche to include the spiritual dimensions of our being. This new paradigm incorporates both empirical and esoteric perspectives from global traditions.   Carlisle's interests combined with his broad educational, professional, and experiential background provide a unique perspective on creativity, healing, and the human spirit. He is committed to the idea that each of us has an innate power to create, and as "creators" we scout for humanity. Thus, like shamans, through our collective consciousness, we each hold the human potential to heal, or "re-create" ourselves, and help heal society. Carlisle brings this transpersonal perspective to his counseling work with individuals, families, and prison inmates.

Consciousness author and renowned psychological researcher Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. says Carlisle's work is:

" . . .moving and carefully crafted . . . Bergquist weaves together various materials to provide a stunning description of the creative process. This is an ingenious plan . . . it deserves to be supported more urgently."
- - - - Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., author of Personal Mythology, Dreamworking, and Spiritual Dimensions of Healing

Carlisle is a Doctoral Candidate in dissertation at Saybrook Institute, San Francisco, California working with Jeanne Achterberg, Ph.D., Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., and Tom Greening, Ph.D. His psychological research focuses on altered states of consciousness for creativity enhancement, personal transformation and societal healing. Carlisle has a MA. in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University and is a licensed Clinical Marriage Family and Child Therapist in Kansas (#LCMFT169) and California  (#MFC31113). Undergraduate studies include a BS. in Biology from Kansas Wesleyan Univ. specializing in native prairie flora with Wes Jackson, Ph.D. at The Land Institute, and extensive training in music and drama at Univ. of Southern Calif.

With three seemingly diverse professional interests; e.g., Transpersonal Psychology, creative & performing arts, and the life sciences, Carlisle has become a synthetic thinker developing common patterns and themes from divergent areas of knowledge. Prior to his work in psychology, Carlisle developed and operated two other companies. He was Vice President and Director of Artists & Repertoire for Suitewinds Productions, Inc., Hollywood, California as well as being a featured artist and writer. Landscapes By Greethumbs, a design/build firm, produced exquisite outdoor environments in the Midwest. He has more than thirty years of experience in the performing and creative arts. With this range of experience, he is well known as a performer, songwriter, and businessman.

Carlisle heads Vantage Quest which utilizes his training in psychotherapy, Psychosynthesis, and extensive recording background to research creativity and alternative healing. He provides innovative personal growth products, and counseling services. He has taken his work to a new level in the Vantage Quest System. Vantage Quest is a tool for consciousness exploration available to anyone with a compact disk player. A further outgrowth of Carlisle's varied background are the Accessing Your Inner Creator workshops and seminars. These well-received programs for the creative spirit have been presented at various locations including the Julia Morgan Theater in Berkeley. They will be available nationwide in the coming months. The common link throughout his work is creativity, healing, and life.

Published works:
The Magenta Phenomena: An Exploration of A Brazilian Healer, The Journal of Exceptional Human Experience, 1994, Co-authored with Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.
Accessing Your Inner Creator: The Way of Beginning, Hot Rod Your Head, Dec., 1996, An Ezine on human potential.
Doorways in Consciousness: An Exploration of Resonant Being, Future Harmonix, Spring, 1998.
Building A Better Thought Trap, Mother Natures General Store, 1997.

To arrange private work in creativity, spiritual emergence, individual and family therapy, or for workshop and seminar appearances contact him at (785) 827-1835 (9-5 Central Time) or by email anytime at carlisle@vantagequest.org.

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