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Vantage Quest Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Counseling Center

Transpersonal psychology broadens the traditional theories about the psyche to include the spiritual dimensions of our being. Incorporating both empirical and esoteric perspectives from global traditions, it provides a powerful model of personal growth, human development, and individual healing.  

Most of us experience moments when "something within" speaks clearly.  Moments when the chatter of normal self-talk gives way to deeper inner wisdom.  The goal of self-development is to improve one's ability to listen, to shift habitual attention from the chatter - to the Wisdom within.  

The path inward may take different forms such as; spiritual practices like meditation and prayer, yoga, martial arts, psychotherapy, life experiences, or relationships as we re-create our being.  Our commitment is to assist you in your search for Self.

We specialize in Psychosynthesis; the struggles involved in creativity, creative work, and its effects on individuals and relationships; Spiritual Emergence and its effects; EEG biofeedback, family therapy, and the therapeutic use of sound.

We provide the following services:


A therapeutic approach to integrating personality strengths developed by Roberto Assagioli, MD.  Psychosynthesis is excellent for self-actualizing individuals who wish to deepen their personal growth and expand their human potential.

(EEG Biofeedback)

EEG Biofeedback has been demonstrated to be an effective alternative to drug therapies for many disorders.  It is also a wonderful tool for self-exploration, peak performance, and deep relaxation. We are very pleased to offer EEG Biofeedback in our Salina counseling office.

Individual & Family Therapy:

We provide caring therapy to the local community for families in crisis.  This includes relationship counseling for couples, individual therapy with adolescents and adults, or group work with the entire family unit.

Guided Imagery:

Guided Imagery is a process that helps the individual, through their imagination, explore the psyche.  In these deep relaxation states an individual may resolve personal conflicts and gain access to their inner healing nature.  The guides role is as a companion to the clients process and helps lead them.

Therapeutic Sound:

We are innovators in the use of sound for psychotherapeutic application. Sound has been a powerful vehicle for inner exploration for millennia. We use ancient techniques such as drumming as well as modern recorded psychoacoustic stimuli in combination with imagery and "talk therapy" to help our clients heal and advance in self development.

Telephone Counseling:

We do counseling sessions by phone when it is appropriate.  Not all issues are appropriate for this work.  It is always better to find a therapist who is physically present with you.  However, finding someone who understands your issues is not always possible in your area.  We will provide telephone counseling if you are at a distance and we feel you can safely benefit.

There is no charge for an initial phone consultation.  We ask only that you contact us first to schedule an appointment.  

Creativity Counseling:

Improving creativity is one thing, enduring creativity is often more difficult.  We offer counseling to creative individuals and, those in relationship with them, to help smooth what can be a difficult struggle. 

Spiritual Emergence Counseling:

Sometimes spiritual practices unleash powerful inner forces that can be unsettling, or even frightening.  In traditional settings these events were guided by spiritual leaders, mentors or other knowledgeable individuals.  In western society these events are often misconstrued as pathological and out of place.

We have both personal and professional experience with the issues involved in spiritual emergence.  We have a comprehensive knowledge of the many traditions and practices which may evoke these events.  It is important to discern genuine psychic or spiritual phenomena from dangerous psychiatric conditions.  If we can help, we will.  If we can't, we will try to help you find appropriate care.


Intensives are for clients at a distance who wish a period of deep exploration.  They work like an individual workshop with Psychosynthesis, one-on-one counseling, with periods of reflection and creating over 3-5 days.  We provide this service here, or we will come to you.  No more than 2 clients can be scheduled at the same time. Transportation and lodging costs are additional.


All services are on a sliding scale based on your ability to pay.  A reasonable fee based on your situation will be established and agreed upon in our initial consultation.  

Credit Card payments are acceptable.

Contact Information:

Vantage Quest
Transpersonal Counseling & Psychotherapy Center

901 W. South St.
Salina, KS 67401
Tel: 785-827-1835

9AM-5PM M-F (Central time)


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