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Creativity & Healing

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Creativity, Healing, and Vantage Quest.


Thomas Edison said, "Creativity is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." We know where the perspiration comes from but, though many psychological theories have been presented, the source of inspiration continues to elude us. Healing is much the same. We perform the hard work of treatment, but the actual healing "RE-CREATES" health at some other level of the spirit - mind - body connection we can not observe. In both creating and healing our job is to cooperate and allow these higher powers to work.

Vantage Quest facilitates states of consciousness that help you cooperate with the creative cycle. Creativity and healing - creating health - are both enhanced by allowing the mind to relax and enter the deep meditative EEG states that VQ's psychoacoustic sound matrix induces.

The complete Vantage Quest System will include twelve CD's with twelve different tones. Users will be able to further tune their experiences by listening to these various tones.

To learn more about the creative process see: Thoughts Beneath the Trees, a collection of essays on creativity by Carlisle Bergquist.

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