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The Coyoté Oak: Burgeoning Wisdom

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Once in each decade
a story captures your heart,
transports your imagination,
and touches your Soul

The Coyoté Oak:
Burgeoning Wisdom

a visionary novel by

Carlisle Bergquist

A modern-day parable for a planet in transformation.

What happens when dreams, visions, and reality collide?

As a blue-silver ribbon of light drapes the horizon above their Kansas farm, the Davidsons are about to find out. James, a road worn refugee from the music scene, and his wife Andrea are struggling to find purpose, withdrawing to the country after snatching failure from the brink of success. Pushed to the edge of sanity by extraordinary visions inexplicably mauled into reality, they run heart-first through a gauntlet of mystical encounters, conflicts with corporate greed, and a paradoxical, otherworldly shamanic being who unveils a world of healing reaching far beyond them. Spiritual insights they will learn, like the first light of dawn, often appear from present darkness and spiritual growth comes with real responsibility.

Woven from threads of personal experience and imagination,the compelling story blends deep ecology and transpersonal insight, with many healing and spiritual traditions into a truth filled magical adventure where spirituality is as keenly honed as a martial art. All done with the ease of a song so familiar you can whistle it. The result, is a thoughtful call to awakening embedded in a rich tapestry of endearing characters and surprise

The Coyoté Oak: Burgeoning Wisdom cleverly soars along the blue-silver ribbon of light heralding personal transformation and spiritual emergence, as it stylishly portrays a deep ecology, the interconnectedness of all life and the challenges of contemplative practice evolved beyond expectations.

Your adventure awaits.

It all begins at the drop of a feather.

Available at     Barnes & Noble     Powell's Books

And wherever books are sold.

ISBN:  0-9791750-6-2

ISBN-13:  978-0979175060

“My goal for this book is to engage a broad spectrum of people, from those who might never pickup a ‘spiritual,’ or  ‘mystical’  book, to the solemn seekers and dedicated disciples on every path.  Through the medium of visionary fiction, I want to arouse and motivate each person with a captivating, meaningful read that will deepen their personal spiritual practice and synthesize rather than separate.  By way of comparison, I want to reconnect readers to ‘the light’ as profoundly as many other authors entangle them in ‘darkness.’  I trust the fantasy story will entertain.  But, that's what I want.  This is an intuitive literary work, a gift created through me to touch to you.   Spirit's purpose for this novel is to awaken consciousness and evoke change.  As our paradigms shift around us, THE COYOTÉ OAK  inspires, informs, and 'in-lightens' for a new age.  Thankfully, as reader's comments come back to me, it sounds as if Spirit and I are meeting these goals.

“Gratefully Yours,”

Carlisle Bergquist

Creator of Vantage Quest VI
Fourteen years of Transformational Products
"You Can Sync Your Mind Into"

This is only where it begins.

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Published by Reality Press

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