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Welcome letter from the author

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Welcome Readers;

Having found your way here, perhaps along the blue-silver ribbon between yesterday and tomorrow, you are probably a seeker looking for truth, someone who has truths to share, or maybe you are both.  Visitors here are appreciated for their wonderful spiritual diversity.  Presented on these pages is The Coyoté Oak:  Burgeoning Wisdom, a visionary novel intended to spur your growth and spiritual emergence.  I am Carlisle Bergquist the book’s author, and with your indulgence, I would like to introduce myself.

I am a transpersonal psychologist in Kansas - a little unusual for these parts - who has boomeranged back and forth between the prairie and the Pacific coast most of my adult life.  Two constants have driven this circular trajectory:  creativity, and a hunger to know Spirit.  From writing my first songs at age four, creativity led me onto the stage and eventually into the music business in LA where I learned the power of stories mined from an open heart.  My desire to know Spirit revealed the subtlety of Creation, the formed and the formless, the interdependence of all things whether Earth or animal, plant or person.  That drew me into science, esoteric mysteries, spirituality, subtle energy, graduate studies in San Francisco and service.

Along this zigzagged life path, I have performed for thousands and cried alone, sat in the company of murders and stood in the presence of miracles.  I have won the hearts of more than I know and lost the love of too many I cared about.  I live an ordinary life that has contained remarkable encounters.  Though this book is not an autobiography, crisscrossing the realms of body, mind, and Spirit as I have, I gathered the experiences to weave this story.

The Coyoté Oak:  Burgeoning Wisdom is a fictional tale of personal transformation filled with intrigue, insight, and majesty, but it is more than that.  The allegorical story is a companion to both seeker and sage as we change and evolve.  The Coyoté Oak:  Burgeoning Wisdom is a love story - a love story for Creation, the deep ecology and the interconnectedness of all life.  The story is a healing narrative that changes awareness and will ultimately change your life.

Visionary creativity is a kind of magic that comes from beyond individual talent to serve the needs of all.  The Coyoté Oak is that kind of story; it found me and demanded me to write it.  Some might call that channeling, I call it just being willing to listen.

I invite you to join me in the pages of The Coyoté Oak:  Burgeoning Wisdom and we’ll share the experience together.

When you change your perception, you change everything.

Gratefully Yours

Carlisle Bergquist

Available at    Barnes & Noble     Powell's Books
And wherever books are sold.

ISBN:  0-9791750-6-2


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