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How to Use VQ

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How You use Vantage Quest.

Use Vantage Quest with headphones just as you would listen to a favorite CD (compact disc).  You don't need an expensive set, but they should be the large kind that cover your ears.  Earphones, like those you use with a "Walkman," are less effective.  These are very low tones so the bigger the speaker size the better. 

  • Use Vantage Quest at a convenient time each day, or as often as you can.  A regular time is best to establish your rhythm.

  • Find a time and place you won't be disturbed. No cat in the lap. No phone calls. Don't try to listen while you do other things. Vantage Quest's sound stimuli are subtle, so outside distractions will override the experience. Set aside some time just for yourself. Time you can look forward to each day with Vantage Quest.

  • Sit relaxed in a comfortable position and listen to the tones on the CD. Let your imagination wander off in them. Use a good pair of headphones. If you lie down you will probably fall asleep.

  • Take a few minutes to regain a more alert state of consciousness after listening before returning to your normal activities.

  • CAUTION: Do not use Vantage Quest while operating an automobile or any dangerous equipment.

Vantage Quest is not suitable if you suffer from a seizure disorder.  The strong sound stimuli may affect you.

Vantage Quest does not use any subliminal messages or hypnotic suggestions to produce its effects. Thus it is easily adapted for several different uses. Each Vantage Quest CD contains 3 tracks.

  •   Track #1 has a brief guided imagery induction leading into VQ's Harmonic Matrix and then an awakening at its end. Track #2 contains only the Harmonic Matrix. Track #3 contains just the awakening. 

  • Track #2 may be used when you no longer need the vocal induction to relax, or when you wish to repeat the track for a longer experience. Track #3 is just to bring you back home again.

Specific Applications of Vantage Quest.

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