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What's Unque

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Why Vantage Quest is Unique.

Vantage Quest is not a motivational tape, a set of problem solving techniques, nor is it music embedded with subliminal messages. It actually alters consciousness. There are many products on the market that generate shifts in consciousness using a technique called "binaural beat." Binaural methods generate a phantom oscillation by feeding slightly out of tune audio signals into opposite ears so that the brain's neural firings (brain waves) follow it. Though this method works, we believe it is essentially like asking the brain to synchronize distortion, that is, it tries to tune what is out of tune.

  1. Vantage Quest produces the synchronization effect through a sound design we developed called a Harmonic Matrix. This process is unmatched in any other product. It does not use subliminal messages or binaural pulses to produce the entrainment effect.

  2. It works safely, effectively, and quickly. You are not required to go through a lengthy training; yet, extended use leads you to ever deepening states of awareness.

  3. Vantage Quest requires no expensive special equipment. There are no peculiar eyeglasses or processors to buy. You need only your home stereo CD player, and a good pair of headphones.

  4. Unlike other trance-inducing products that stimulate Theta and Alpha brain wave activity, Vantage Quest excites a broad range of brain wave frequencies with its Harmonic Matrix. This produces an exceptional state of clarity along with the deeply relaxed state.

  5. The complete Vantage Quest System (when released), will include 12 CDs designed to entrain different Harmonic Matrices; thus, you can select the appropriate one and "tune" your experience as desired.

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