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What VQ Does

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What Vantage Quest Does.

Vantage Quest is a doorway to an expanded state of awareness, or "reverie" that will introduce you to new parts of yourself. It unleashes your natural creative force. Whether you work in the arts, or work on yourself, seek solutions to a business problem, or search for the healing powers within your being, Vantage Quest is an effective aid.

Creativity is not just the "arts." It is nature at work. All of us experience times when everything seems to flow. We tune-in with the world around us and solutions to problems seem to come easily. We find a new Vantage. These are the moments of true creativity.

Creating is a natural act. A tree doesn't have to think to grow, it just surrenders to the process of nature. Vantage Quest's innovative sound helps you surrender in a similar way and thus allow growth, creativity and healing to occur.

"Vantage Quest is a powerful resource for women with poor body images. Through accessing the deep consciousness states, women are able to re-establish the vital connections between their mind and body that are so often disconnected by negative body perceptions. The deeply relaxed state the brain wave frequencies induce can be a helpful tool for women to begin healing these connections and assist them in channeling their creativity and growth potential toward greater body satisfaction."

Monica A. Dixon, PhD., R.D.
Author, Love the Body You Were Born With, Berkeley Books, 1996

The best way to understand the usefulness of Vantage Quest is to try it for yourself, as a tool for "applied reverie". The results for each individual are qualitatively different, as you'll see by reading what users have to say.

Let your own experience speak for itself.

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