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Music for Higher Mind | Alabaster Light | R.Lee Steele

Music for Higher Mind

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Alabaster Light

Ambient Trance Music, Alabster Light by R.Lee Steele

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Alabaster Light is playing now.

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Center Portals Chi
The Weave The Flower of Life Flow
  Alabaster Light  

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Call it New Age, Ambient, Electronica, or Techno-shamanic, mostly you'll just call it great music.

Alabaster Light’s ambient melodies are intricate but innocent, tribal and transcendent they beckon you to plunge into their lush "soundscapes." R.Lee Steele masterfully melds disparate instruments, sounds and rhythms from many musical genres as if putting square pegs into round holes deliberately to creatively stretch the boundary of consciousness.

A longtime user of Vantage Quest VI, when R.Lee contacted me and shared his experiences using VQ, he mentioned that he had created some unusual music which I asked to hear. I found it stunning, exquisitely different and hauntingly familiar. The compositions evoke a mindfulness that invites release and healing, faithfully shifting awareness, as is our purpose at Vantage Quest. We release Alabaster Light as the starship of our "Music for Higher Mind" series. It touches the heart, opens the mind, and communes with Spirit. So sit back, buckle up, close your eyes and immerse yourself in the imagery of this visionary music. It is a "joyous noise" that will transport you to the limits of your imagination and you’re in for quite a ride.

Carlisle Bergquist
Vantage Quest

"Alabaster Light is Awesome.  It is everything you said it was initially---and so much more!  I am awestruck listening to it now!"
John Jay Harper - Author of " Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century

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