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Design Service



Creativity & Contemplation Tour
A special event for your creative spirit.

Design Capabilities


We have been on the internet since 1994 and have considerable experience in how to get things done.  We are not an internet provider or web hosting service but we can arrange these services for you. Most importantly, we know what the "Web" can do for your business and what it can't.  We do our best to use the medium to suit your needs.


We are skilled writers who will present your ideas in a clear, professional manner.  Despite the visual appeal of the Web, the information presented remains text based.  The written word is the most important design element of an effective web site.

Graphic Design

Communicating your idea requires that you get, and hold, your visitors' attention. We will work with you to create an appealing visual presence that enhances your message.


A beautifully crafted website will do you little good if no one knows you are there.  Having a website is like having a telephone, you may be connected to the world, but people still need to know where to call if they want to reach you.  We have experience in listing sites with the Search Engines and Directories and can develop and implement a strategy to promote your site effectively.

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